Bible Versions

There are many different Biblical versions and translations being used by the world today. Any usable Bible app out there can have 40-50 English versions of scripture to choose from. So how do you choose? There are usually three categories that can help guide your decision.

Versions that are a word by word translation of original texts are generally seen as the closest representation of original language. Some examples are the English Standard Version (ESV) or the New American Standard Bible (NASB).

Some versions like the New International Version (NIV) or New International Reader's Version (NIRV) are a phrase by phrase translation of original texts.

Lastly, there are paraphrases of Scripture, like The Message or The Amplified Bible that are more of a modern interpretation of the Bible's original wording.

For the sake of continuity and a focus on original intent, Reaching Her will mostly use the ESV.

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