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Overcoming The Holidays

It’s Christmas-time and the holiday season is in full swing!

Have you noticed that Christmas has become a very in-your-face holiday? It seems like everywhere I look there is red and green, lights, jingle bells, and cheer. There are 24 hour Christmas radio stations, racks of Christmas attire in every store, and enough Hallmark and Netflix original Christmas movies to fill up a whole week.

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Fear, Love, and Politics

But how did we go from two sided politics to the depth of angry rhetoric that is defining each election cycle in our country? Everywhere I look, it seems as if people are trading the common decency of treating others like themselves in order to point fingers, vilify, and hurt. The examples are endless, from our national leaders right down to our neighbors across the street.

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1, 2, 3 John: Walking In Truth

Join us in this seven week study of the books of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd John, and we will learn: That God wants us to be assured in our salvation and eternity. To identify light from dark, sinfulness from righteousness. How to be a confident believer. That God is love, and He wants us to love others. What it means to have a testimony. To look out for deceivers and their lies. How to walk in the Truth of the Gospel.

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