If we could sit across from you face to face over a cup of coffee, you would likely hear one thing from us: the Bible is within your reach. We all come to the table with certain levels of intimidation with Scripture. Some of us may have been told that Bible study is only for pastors or teachers, some of us may have tried to study on our own and gave up frustrated, or some of us may be too afraid to even try because the Bible is big, heavy, and controversial.

Regardless of what is holding you back, we want to help break down those barriers. Not only is the Bible within your reach, but your joy and strength are dependent on you grabbing hold of these holy words and meeting Jesus, not just once -- but in the everyday.

You in? we can help!

Simple Inductive Bible Studies

We prayerfully create simple, from-our-heart-to-yours, inductive Bible studies that you can download for free and use for:

  • small groups
  • discipleship relationships
  • women & college ministries
  • personal quiet times
  • long distance friendships

Treasure Chest of Resources

All our studies are designed to help you engage with Scripture on your own, because your spiritual health should not be dependent on your favorite teacher, book, or devotional. You absolutely can learn to open the Bible and meet with God on your own. These studies are designed to help you learn how to do that.

After decades of personal Bible study + leading Bible studies, we have developed a resource page to help answer your questions and give you tools to start unpacking Scripture for yourself.

encouragement on the blog

As God pours His Word into us, we usually have words to pour out to others. That's why we've created the blog to explain, encourage, and engage you with what we are studying. If we are moving through a certain series, you can read more about what the Word is producing in us. Occasionally we have guest bloggers visit too.


One of the most important aspects of soaking in the Word is pouring it out into others. We believe in community because Jesus loves communities. In today's world we now have unlimited opportunities to connect with other women despite what town, state, or country we live in. So check out our social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) and stay updated on what we are doing and also connect with other women who are learning to study the Bible just like you.