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Are You Living Victoriously?

I don’t know about you, friend, but I tend to approach my life like I’m living through several movies back to back. As the hero of course (ha), I’m living life, and then a difficult circumstance hits like the climax of a film. I’m then thrown for a while. I may wallow in my emotions, complain, search for an escape, live in denial - you name it, all the bad ways of reacting.

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How To Own Your Right Now

It may be a bad day or week or year at work. Or I might get some terrible news about someone I know - sickness, death, loss, rejection - it all comes. Or maybe I am just in a time of personal suffering, where I don’t know what to do or where God is in it all.

It is then I begin to question my place and time in the world. Why me? Why now? Why this? And I lose sight of the idea that I am here on purpose, that God made me exactly for my right now.

In fact what I would rather do is abandon my right now and run in the opposite direction towards anything else. The last thing I want is to be made “for such a time is this”.

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Esther: For Such A Time As This

Have you ever found yourself at the brink of decision? Maybe you’ve felt pushed and pulled by the demands of many, and confusion and fear have paralyzed you from action. Or you’ve felt the pressure of having to have your life totally figured out, while, ironically, your expectations keep being unfulfilled.

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