you can't do this alone.


Christianity in America has become a very “individual” concept. We tend to have a Lone Ranger mentality that says “It’s just me and Jesus and that’s all I need to become who God has called me to be.” Yet Jesus never called us to be Lone Rangers. He designed us for community -- He calls us His body. And a body is full of very different moving parts. We don’t look the same. We don’t function the same ways. But we need each member in order to be whole.

Isolation is robbing the church of deep joy and fruitful faith.

We would rather do life alone than try to work with others. Because let’s face it, people are messy. They don’t always follow our agendas. They fail to show up sometimes. They bring confusion and disappointment and anger into our safe circles and we don’t always know how to help. It’s easier to do a bible study alone than to involve others.

But “easy” is not the mission. The mission is to reach her.

I remember one girl I was trying to reach with the gospel, she never remembered our meetings. I can’t tell you how many times I was forgotten at Starbucks or my own home. I would call and she would offer excuses and we would reschedule. It was hard not to take it personal. But I knew she wasn’t resisting me, she was resisting Jesus. And I was going to chase after her heart, because He was too.

So wherever you are, reach out. Invite the messy stories into your circle. Don’t just soak up Scripture for yourself. Pour it out into the thirsty lives around you.

We seek to provide you with resources that not only encourage your faith, but motivate you to extend it to others. Even if they are messy. Especially if they are messy.